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The physical recovery program for burn-out, chronic fatigue and stress
is specially available for you as a health care provider.

Support your own treatment programs with e-health and automated
trainingprotocols calculated on individual daily values

Online + offline

by BioCheck

It is important for us that everybody has the possibility to have access to the best guidance in health and vitality. Thats why we want to share our technology and knowledge with other organisations, coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, gyms, healthcentra, hospitals and mental healthcare organisations. Thats our way of supporting a healthier society.

Do you want to make your clients healthier within their own capacity? Do you want to show this in numbers and graphs? Do you want to use our system to support your own treatment program? And being able to do this at a distance or at your location? Then Powered by BioCheck is for you.

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Course about

Learn about the physical consequences and causes of stress and chronic fatigue and learn to read this objectively and pragmatically in our software to enable people to recover as well as possible or to prevent them from falling out.

Online + offline

Quickly test, measure and communicate with
online & offline

Guide clients on location or at distance, but always based on individual values. Always up-to-date and in an all-in-one environment.


Mobile App for
Android & iOS

Every client has his own app that is linked to the online dashboard with, which you as a mentor can monitor progress through e-health on location or at distance.

Elke klant heeft zijn eigen app die gekoppeld is aan het online dashboard waarmee jij als begeleider op locatie of op afstand de voortgang kunt monitoren.

Online + offline

Train with

It is already hard enough when you are chronically tired and have sour legs to get you moving. Extra oxygen gives the support that your client needs to be able to start and continue.



Don’t you have a test bike at your disposal? Then we can also deliver it in our Complete package. Stress tests without any hassle!

Heb je geen testfiets tot je beschikking? Dan kunnen wij die ook leveren in ons Complete pakket. Inspanningstesten doen zonder rompslomp!

Online + offline

Standard in

With our BioCheck app you can train people based on their individual values. In addition, you can communicate with your customers in the online environment, follow training courses from a distance and use basic fitness schedules that can be used pre- and postoperatively. The medically validated measurement method monitors stress and checks stress tests.

By means of a course you become familiar with the method and associated technique. Other elements depend on the package you choose or are optional. In this way, you can choose and put together the package that suits your services.

Online + offline
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