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Programs based on your individual values
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Every day you will be able to gain insight into your capacity for recovery based on our measurement system. It will clearly reveal what your body wants to tell you.

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Find out what your daily capacity is based on your daily resilience to ensure that you stay in balance.

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It is reassuring to know that the results of the method and the equipment that you are using have been validated in studies by the Coronel Institute.

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BioCheck is not only suitable for those who are already sick at home, but also for those who want to maintain balance while working.

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BioCheck focuses on people with (chronic) fatigue and stress-related symptoms and people with musculoskeletal ailments. This includes burnout, ME, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

We also help people with type II diabetes, obesity, cancer-related problems and we work preventively. In general, many people are ashamed of fatigue-related ailments. They never thought that they too could suffer from such problems. Therefore, these ailments are frequently ignored, which can lead to a burnout and prolonged sick leave. But it is precisely this group of people who should be proud of themselves. They can work hard, show perseverance, are helpful and results-oriented.

The problem often lies in not recognizing or admitting the physical ailments one is experiencing. That is quite difficult. We are committed to making this group aware of their possibilities and limitations and then learning to act based on this information and thus making the right choices for themselves.

If you recognize yourself or someone you know in one of the following descriptions, then BioCheck is suitable for you or that person:

Always keep going and never give up

Unable to relax




Not daring to or unable to say no


Job with increased work pressure

Imbalance between work and private life

Working under increasingly stressful conditions

Always tired

This is how it works in your body
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behandeling burn out

Breathing is one of the most important tools that you have at your disposal to influence your autonomic nervous system. Only when the activity of this system decreases at rest can your body relax and begin to recover. Without recovery you become exhausted and progress is not possible. In addition, breathing is partly responsible for the correct acidity in the body. By measuring the way in which you breathe, we help you on your way to healthy breathing.

Many cognitive therapies and coaches mainly focus on the cortex (the gray matter) of the brain, while traumas and negative experiences leave small scars in our emotional brain (limbic system), which is responsible for emotions, among other things. Our program influences this emotional part of the brain.

The rhythm in which your heart beats tells a lot about your recovery capacity. By measuring the difference in time from one heartbeat to another heartbeat (Heart Rate Variability), we can provide insight into the (stress) activity of your autonomic nervous system at rest. This nervous system can directly affect your emotional brain. If your autonomous nervous system is very active at rest, your system will become unbalanced. As a result, you recover worse which causes you to become increasingly tired. We help you gain insight into your daily resilience and recovery capacity based on objective measurements and teach you how to influence your autonomic nervous system.

In today’s society we experience a lot of stress and mental activity, but little physical activity. After a stress reaction, a physical reaction naturally occurs, such as fleeing or fighting, which keeps your system in balance. By monitoring your daily recovery capacity through our BioCheck software, we help your body to reprogram by allowing you to move within your capacity (state of flow) of that day.

As you grow older, you move less and less and when you move it occurs in increasingly fixed exercise patterns. This ensures that there are greater risks of experiencing issues. We help increase and strengthen these exercise patterns, resulting in a decrease in pain and an increase in the enjoyment of exercise.


When you are stressed for a longer period of time, the activity of your nervous system is high and you mainly use sugar as an energy source. This causes your intestines to absorb nutrients less efficiently; your digestion slows down and you need more sugar. These energy fluctuations also ensure that you become increasingly tired.








3. HRV




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